JUMU’AH ROUTINE FOR WOMEN:make the most out of this situation.

JUMU’AH ROUTINE FOR WOMEN:make the most out of this situation.

Friday is a very special day for muslims to earn more blessings. It is on this day that we celebrate our mini Eid -Jumu’ah.

We are currently facing a global crisis (may Allah bring us cure -Ameen) and we happen to be in the month of Rajab. Our pious predecessors used to seclude themselves in this month to prepare for Ramadan.And we have been asked to observe “social distancing” to help curb the spread of this canker. Why don’t we change our attitudes towards the pandemic and make better use of this time instead.Reflect on our lives and how we take for granted Allah’s mercies on us.

The prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) said,

“Whoever takes a bath on Friday and does it well, purifies himself and does it well, puts on his best clothes and puts on whatever Allah decrees for him of the perfume of his family, then comes to the mosque and does not engage in idle talk or separate (pushing between) two people, he will be forgiven for (his sins) between that day and the previous Friday”.

Sunan Ibn Majah

Many sisters do not make it a point to attend Jumu’ah prayers because it is not obligatory for women.And it would have been a great burden for most women(mostly because of household duties) just as we see it is for some men(workplace).

” The Friday prayer in a congregation is a necessary duty for every muslim, with four exceptions; a slave, a woman, a boy and a sick person.”


Women especially in this time of social distancing are with the kids at home( be it your children or siblings) and these creatures are highly demanding.

So here are a few tips to make better use of the time and situation . Sisters who have to go to work would have to factor in work and adjust it to suit them. Also, even when you are on your period, you can still do some of these acts of worship with the exception of Salah.

Friday Routine

Wake up for Fajr

4:00am – Tahajjud and read your azkar.

5:00am – Pray fajr and recite Surah al- Kahf (at least first ten verses if you are pressed for time)

5:30am – Read the tafseer (I use a book by Khurram Murad), ponder over it and journal.

6:30 – House chores while listening to Surah Kahf (so that the whole family will benefit too).

7:30 – Shower (kids and yourself- Friday ghusl) and have breakfast.

9:00am – Complete house chores /task on your to-do list and give kids some work to do.print out some worksheet for them to get creative .

10:00 am – Pray two rak’ah of salatul Duha and go back to work.

12:30 pm- Put on your nice Friday outfit.(create a happy mood)

Prepare a topic to teach the kids or talk about.eg. Tell them about the people of the cave and relate it to current happenings.

1:20pm – Pray Jumu’ah (zuhr because of quarantine ) together as a family.

2:00pm – Lunch with family.

5:30pm – Make dua and complete the rest of the verses of Surah kahf.

“The messenger of Allah said, Friday is twelve hours in which there is no muslim who asks Allah for something but He will give it to him, so seek it in the last hour after Asr”.

Sunan an-Nasa’i

So plan your most desired Duas and ask Allah to grant us cure of this corona virus.

After Magreb Salah – Family time for reflection of discussion you had before zuhr. Have supper and bond.

Don’t forget to send salutations to the prophet as you cook or do other activities. Recite Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allah Akbar.

Always practice self hygiene and observe the precautions. Those who have contracted the virus are not less fortunate and need support and not stigmatisation.

Kindly comment below some other tips and so well to share. Jazaakillahu Khairan.

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