“Modest outfit hack” with Selma Usman.
Modest outfit hack with selma ismail

“Modest outfit hack” with Selma Usman.

1.What is your ideal Modest outfit style?

My ideal modest style would be going for pieces that I feel comfortable wearing and feel good about myself .

2.How do you plan outfit?

Firstly, before planning my outfit, I check my calendar and weather app to  know what I have for the week and what the weather is gonna be like for the week.

Secondly, planning my outfits helps reduce stress and puts me on a good head space for the week.

I like grabbing pieces from my closet, putting modest outfits together and trying them on. If I love the outfit that I’m trying on, I just take a picture of it, refer back to them when I need it.

Modest outfit hack

Prior to the week,I make sure sure I hang them up or the night before. It does really help. Makes it easier.

3. what are your go to Modest outfit items?

That will be handbags and nude sandals.That will be the easiest part for me and I just love it.

modest outfit hack

4. Share your modest outfit style hacks

My modest outfit style hacks will be, going for classic and timeless pieces that will never go out of style.I generally stick to Neutral colour palettes. Mine includes white, tan, grey, blush, pastel. I know I’m gonna get so much wear out of it. I sometimes add a pop of colour to my neutrals.

modest outfit hack- skirtsmodest outfit hack- pants

I’m a huge fun of accessories like, gold rings, gold necklace and sunglasses to complete my outfit.

You can never go wrong with a silk or linen blouse.its so versatile . It always looks elegant and expensive. Also, it’s temperature regulating.

modest outfit hack- pantsModest outfit hack- casual

Pair of nude or black heels. Depending on personal style. Pointy toes are really lovely and flattering. You can never go wrong with a nude shoe.

I like my outfits to have really good structure. Especially blazers, button down shirts, pants and jumpsuits.


My confidence and how I feel is number one and that makes a lot of difference when It comes to looking good in my outfit.

5. Modest outfit struggles?

For me that will be looking at clothes online and I’m like,If only that dress was 2 inches longer then I could wear it or, if that dress had sleeves that will be great or if that neck line came up a little bit that will be amazing.

Selma Osman is a lover of simplicity in fashion.Find her on instagram @selma.usman
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