“Modestly you” with Imahn Amadou.

“Modestly you” with Imahn Amadou.

  1. What is your ideal style?

Abaya/Dresses. Occasionally Palazzos.


2. How do you plan your outfit?

Not sure how to answer this. I just go with the flow lol. Also different outfit styles for different occasions. I can’t wear palazzo to a wedding reception for example.

3. What are your go to items?
Black hijab. Kimono. Sandals

4-  Share your Style hacks

Not really a hack but, since I’m nappy, my fro helps with a bit of volume for my hijab. If I’ve plait my hair I use a light weight hijab to create volume then use an under cap to secure it.

Also to select a hijab colour to match my outfit, Especially outfits with so many colours, I use one of the colours in the dress as a guide to select the hijab.

5. Modesty struggles – Finding outfits that cover the neck when I feel like wearing a turban. Also finding Modest outfits made of African prints.I like to match things but don’t like to wear too many items at a time.

Imahn Amadou is the brain behind @themuslimbeauties on instagram.

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