“Modestly You” with Salma Mustapha.

“Modestly You” with Salma Mustapha.

  1. What is your ideal style?

      My ideal style I’ll say is finding an appropriate outfit for the appropriate occasion. I like to call it Simple but bold.I love to have unique details in my styles. I’ll describe my style as creative, confident, trendy and organised.

2.How do you plan your outfit ?

 Important for me, is to always have my wardrobe organised because once you have an idea of where each piece is placed, picking the outfit is made easy.

Next for me is to consider the occasion. Simply running errands, dinner, or a business occasion then I decide what next. I move to actually choose my bottoms first if I’m not going with a dress. I choose my tops after that while considering coverage and comfort.

Next will usually be my scarf (color and texture) and then I consider if I need to add a third piece or layer up. Lastly, appropriate shoes and accessories.

3.What are your go to items?

My go to items has to be long sleeved tops/shirts, Palazzo Pants and a simple solid color dress. You can always work around those if you want to dress it up or down. Block heeled shoes/slippers and with accessories, I absolutely love rings.

4. Share your style hacks.

My main style hack has to do with working with long sleeved tops as inners or layers for that extra coverage. They work for see through outfits, sleeveless dress, or tops with very low cut necks. Not a fan of t-shirts because I do not enjoy too much layering but I also picked up a recent hack with that if it’s a solid colored one. Wear the back as the front, totally gives you full neck coverage and then throw on a blazer or coat to cover up the back and even your bottom if you’re in pants.


5. What are some modesty struggles?

Finding the perfect dress but has no sleeves. The perfect skirt that is too short. Layering struggles to always cover up but leave you feeling so warm and looking like you are wearing too many clothes at a time.

Salma Mustapha works with a Mobile communications network.She loves fashion and volunteers with Zurak cancer Foundation.Also a Youtuber @catchingupwithsalma

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