Growing up Muslimah

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Growing up Muslimah is a book on the identity crisis Muslimah teens are faced with while navigating life.
Add puberty to the mix and you have a challenging period of one’s life which can be quite confusing.



Growing Up Muslimah Growing Up Muslimah book. With a cup of honey lemon tea

Growing up Muslimah is a book on teen bodily experiences and  identity crisis Muslimah teens are faced with while navigating life. While adults have experienced different variations of what it means to experience puberty, young people today experience a slightly different development. The hyper social global world, quest for visibility and the timely pubertal changes together and you have a challenging period of one’s life which can be quite confusing.

Growing Up Muslimah takes the reader through some of the key questions teens tend to grapple with concerning puberty, family, society, Taqwa/faith etc and what it means to be Muslim. An orientation that is not only grounded in faith but also dispels societal constructions that does not serve the Muslim teen. A construct that holds young people back from understanding their identity and upholding it.

It also proffers ways to navigate these challenges.
Additionally, it is a thought-provoking read with crucial information on living in today’s society and worshipping Allah which would not only benefit teens but adults too.

It is a conversation starter between teen girls and their parents/guardians. Guardians can interact with their teens chapter by chapter to provide more information from their personal experiences. It is a great way to bond with your teens.

Growing Up Muslimah is not only for teen girls. It is important for boys/fathers/males  to be informed about the experiences of the females. They can provide support for them in this regard.

Lastly, this book seeks to breakdown societal propriety that affects the Ghanaian Muslim community.

6 reviews for Growing up Muslimah

  1. Maltiti Hamza

    The book was splendid. It was very detailed and enjoyable. It really shows the struggled that Muslim girls go through. This book is worth 50 cedis but for some reason its prices at 20. I will definitely recommend this book to every one including Muslim males.

  2. Anonymous

    Very insightful.
    This will really be helpful for my little girl when she grows up.
    The pictures makes it very engaging.

    Totally recommend.

  3. Shafawu Baba Dua

    I picked it up yesternight and I just had to finish it today despite tight study schedules. Ma sha Allah the book is amazing.

    Very well explained in simple language for every teenage muslimah to understand, and most importantly touches on the important points girls at that age have questions about. Great work sis!

    And also the illustrations are madddd🔥. I’m simply in awe. May Allah put barakah in the book and let it touch the lives of many young muslimahs in ways you never expected.

    May Allah bless you♥️♥️

  4. Hassana Ibrahim

    Went through the book and I love it . Perfect gift for my niece before she enters high school. Contains all she needs to know about growing up as a teenage Muslimah.

  5. Naima Bint Sharif

    Enjoying this book🤩 small but great book as Uztazat Jamila said❤️❤️❤️

  6. Fadeela Mustafa

    Growing up Muslimah is the best book a true Muslimah must read . It’s really really interesting. It shows the Muslimah right ways to go about the Deen . Wallahi I really understood what is written in the book more than those explanations given by some Muslim women . Alhamdulillah for this book . It has helped me amend some ways which I thought were appropriate but rather weren’t in it right manner . May Allah bless u Malama Sabeenah 😘😘😘😍😍

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