Almost every muslim woman knows the struggles of itchy hair or/and smelly hair.The struggle to have a haircare routine and stick to it. Don’t even get me started on the arms exercise on wash day.

Hair falls under the category of adornment. The prophet( p.b.u.h )said,

“He who has hair should honor it”

Learning about your hair and having a positive outlook would help you grow it and keep it beautiful at all times.The undercaps and hijabs we use can also affect our hair.Being practical and creating a routine for your hair is very important.I do not like to spend so much time on my hair  and until i started to Time myself, and learn practical ways to make haircare easy, i would spend hours on wash day.

Also, there is no “magic product” that solves all our hair issues.Every hair is different and you must know yours to solve its problems or help it grow.

And don’t forget to say Bismillah.

Here are 10 hijabi haircare practices.

  1. Know your hair type: Every hair has it’s Curl Pattern, Texture, Density,Thickness, Porosity,Sebum. You should learn about yours and how you should take care of it.
  3. Let your hair breathe.Once you are home or with your female friends, let your hair loose to allow hair and scalp to breathe.
  5. Wudhu: Light oils such as Almond,Coconut and Grape-seed are great for sealing moisture after wudhu.
  7. Ghusl: Mini two strand twists are best.Make sure you deep condition at least every one to three weeks to help your hair withstand constant manipulation. Also build your hair routine around your monthly ghusl and sync it with your wash day.Ensure that you deep condition every single time to give your hair the rejuvenation it needs.
  9. Girl, protect your EDGES.Avoid tight buns at ALL COST. Flat twist your edges into the bun to reduce tension and to protect against friction.
  11. Create styles that will fit perfectly under your hijab.Stop pulling your hair back. Have a nice braid( braiding it tight wont make your hair grow).
  13. Use undercaps that are silk/satin -lined to protect your ends from shedding due to friction.And change it daily and wash regularly.
  15. Use silk pillows when you sleep.this will help retain your hairs moisture.Silk scarves or silk pillows help control hair sebum.
  17. Dry your hair before wearing your hijab.We do not want a damp hair and its awful smell.
  19.  Use the right materials for your scarves.Ensure that you are not sweating in your hair all day. Chiffon hijabs work best for summer.
  21. We must ensure that our hair practices fit our Islamic lifestyle.

LEARN about YOUR hair and see it grow.

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