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Reading is a great way to learn the deen, however, it does not come easily to everyone. A good alternative to supplement your learning is listening to Muslim Podcast.

Compiling this list has been exhaustive because there are so many beneficial podcasts online. In our age and time, we need to thank Allah (SWT) for making knowledge easily accessible to us. Today, with our smartphones, we are able to study the deen and improve on our ibaadah (worship). Alhamdullilah

I enjoy listening to these six Muslim podcasts and I recommend adding them to your playlist.

1. Smart Muslima by Farhat Amin

Farhat Amin’s podcast focuses on issues relating to Muslim Women. She invites guests on the show to discuss topics such as, Hijab, feminism, liberalism, confidence, marriage amongst others. This is a go to podcast for Muslim women to have a better understanding of current topics that somehow affect certain choices they make in life. 

Muslim women Podcast

2. Mindful Muslima Speaks

This Muslim podcast discusses personal growth, parenting, love and relationships, life hacks for women. While many resources discuss career for Muslim women, this is a beneficial podcast for Muslim women looking at balancing motherhood, marriage and the deen.

Muslim women Podcast

3. Ilmfeed Podcast

Ilmfeed is an inspirational Muslim podcast featuring discussions with inspirational Muslims. We often like to take inspiration from non-Muslims, while this is not bad, it is important to look at our immediate community. There is so much to learn from other Muslims. The podcast discusses issues affecting contemporary Muslims and how to navigate through them.

Muslim women Podcast

4. The Firsts by Yaqeen Institute

This podcast is a series by Yaqeen Institute on the forerunners of Islam. Sheikh Omar Suleiman hosts this as he dives into the stories of the first Muslims who contributed to the journey of Islam as it is today. This podcast currently has 105 episodes. Some of the individuals Sheikh has discussed include, Khadija RA, Aisha RA, Asma Bint Yazid, Zayd Ibn Thabit, Abu Darda, among other individuals who contributed immensely to the growth of Islam. 

You can catch this series in the video version on YouTube.

Muslim Podcast

5. Stories of the Prophets by Mufti Menk

Mufti Menk narrates the stories of the Prophets of Allah in this podcast. Learning about prophets provide valuable lessons for our lives today. It also shows us the successes and wins they had on their path to subservience to Allah. This podcast is great for reverts looking to learn about the many Prophets Allah sent to guide mankind. This also has a video version on YouTube.


6. Seerah of the Prophet Muhammed by Yasir Qadhi

More on stories of prophets. In this podcast, Yasir Qadhi unravels the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW). This is also another podcast for new muslims looking to study the biography of the most greatest being. Most of the episodes are an hour and 30 minutes long. You can listen to it in parts or binge an entire episode on a weekend.


When it comes to helpful Islamic podcasts, there are lots more available aside from the ones listed above. You have to decide what kind of knowledge you want to attain this Ramadan and listen to podcasts in that regard. Some of these include, Yaqeen Institute, Mufti Menk, Nouman Ali Khan, Qalam Institute, Muhammad Hobloss, The Digital Sisterhood among others.

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