Alhamdullilah, the end of Ramadan is here and according to the Sunnah it’s always marked with Eidul-Fitr.

This Ramadan has been different from previous ones as we are observing social distancing and keeping safe from the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though the masaajids have been closed, we still found a way to connect with Allah (SWT). We listened to the Tafsir of the Quran from scholars around the world. We didn’t have the usual Iftar parties and Ramadan lectures, but we still had a way to participate in activities virtually. But Eid is here and the ban on social distancing has not yet been lifted.

How are we going to celebrate this year’s Eid without actually  going out for Eid? We bring you tips on how to make the best out of your Eid under this pandemic.

1. Plan for Eid.
You are wondering if it’s worth planning and preparing for this year’s Eid right? You don’t need to worry. Prepare for Eid like you’ve always done. Shop for your meals and plan your outfit the day before. You can do this by shopping online or buying from your local shops. Remember, social distancing.

2. Pray Eid With Family.
Not going out to pray on Eid day does not mean there’s no prayer at home. Remember the day of Eid is a day to show gratitude and praise to Allah (SWT). Therefore, sleep with the intention of waking up for Eid. Wake up early on Eid day and wear your best outfit and pray two rakaats of salat. We have a guide for you on how to pray Eid at home. watch here https://www.instagram.com/tv/CAfeaITnONl/?igshid=9zq5cwhzs7cl.

3. Make it fun for the kids.
Children do not fast but they don’t play with celebrating Eid. Eid excites them and this pandemic shouldn’t stop their excitement. Let them understand that even though you won’t be going out for Eid, you’ll still celebrate it at home. Give them their usual Eid gifts and snacks. Plan games with them and get them into planning and preparation of the feast.

4. Cook and Celebrate.
What’s Eid without a pot of spicy stew and rice with fried chicken? After praying Eid, feasting with family is what everyone looks forward to. Plan your meal the day before and set out early to cook it. Make time to sit with family and enjoy the moments.

5. Send Eid Greetings.
Eid is a day of sharing greetings and joy. Call and send messages of good will to your family and friends.

We are currently in a crisis but it doesn’t stop us from being happy and joyous on eid Day. Enjoy and make merry for Eid is a day of happiness. May Allah bless us with many more Ramadans and accept from us our ibaadah.

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