RAMADAN: Not even water for a month!
Ramadan: Not even water!

RAMADAN: Not even water for a month!

The Blessed month of Ramadan, the month of the Glorious Quran is upon us! May we witness all of it days in good and sound health- Ameen! 

In order for us to get the benefit of a concept or aspect of worship, and also carry it out well, we need to know and understand it.Then we will be able to get hold of accomplishing it In shaa Allah. Similarly, the month of Ramadan needs a lot of understanding to benefit from it. We need to understand what the month is, what is expected of us and how we can benefit from it till the end of our lives in shaa Allah.

To begin with, the Prophet SAW emphasizes the importance of INTENTION(Niyyah) in every aspect of a Muslim’s life. 

As stated in Hadith, on the authority Umar RA- “Verily all actions are ONLY judged by intentions and every man gets what he intends” . The Salaf(pious predecessors) also emphasize the need to purify one’s intentions since we would be rewarded by it. Therefore, we need to make a clear purification in our niyyah. While at it, we seek Allah’s guidance in carrying out activities in Ramadan solely for his sake.

Another thing we should bear in mind while making intentions towards the Ramadan is to put in more work and effort. It is important to carry on with the zeal in our acts of worship even after the month. Allah explains to us the importance and features of the month in Suratul Baqarah, Ayah 185 

“Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed. Guidance for humanity, and clear portents of guidance, and the Criterion. Whoever of you witnesses the month, shall fast it. But whoever is sick, or on a journey, then a number of other days. God desires ease for you, and does not desire hardship for you, that you may complete the number, and celebrate God for having guided you, so that you may be thankful.”

From the above statement of Allah SWT, we can deduce that the month of Ramadan is the month in which the Glorious Quran was revealed. Hence we find most groups in our society organising Quran related activities from Daily recitation, Competition, Tafseer and the likes. This requires us to FAST and fasting is made up of not ONLY abstaining from food but also the following.

Protecting our eyes from seeing or viewing Fawahish.

Fawahish is unpermissible things such awrah of the opposite sex and even same sex which is common on our televisions now). Therefore I advise we make this month in shaa Allah a NO TELEVISION SEASON. However, I recommend SOLELY watching Islamic Channels where we are confident nothing of that sort is screening. This psyches our mind towards Allah consciousness. In the absence of beneficial content like seerah, tafseer, and Quranic recitation, let’s try and declare a ‘NO TELE MONTH’ in Ramadan.

Protecting our mouths from uttering prohibited/undue words.

Poking our ‘nose’ into that which doesn’t concern us is an indicator of bad Muslim behavior. The prophet S.A.W said- “One of indicators of Islamic perfection in someone is LEAVING BEHIND SOMETHING THAT IS NOT BENEFICIAL FOR HIM/ HER”. In another Hadith the Prophet SAW said-

“…Protect this (pointing to his mouth), Muadh RA asked him, O Messenger of Allah, are we punished upon something that we talk with? He said, Of Course! Has someone not been laid out in Hell due to their sayings”.

Therefore instead of engaging in avoidable trivial chats both physical and online, let’s create a time table for Adhkar and Qira’a. This will keep us busy during the day so we don’t just ‘hunger’ in vain in shaa Allah.

Protecting our ears from prohibited/undue words.

As mentioned earlier, protecting the ears also goes with this because the information is from the mouth to the ear. We should protect the rest of our body parts from partaking in sinful acts as well that have been prohibited generally.

Who can fast?

It is obligatory for every Muslim to fast Ramadan except for those who have conditions such as the aged, permanent medical condition, the sick, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

A part from the aged and permanently sick, all Muslims who miss some days are required to pay their debt. However, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are to feed the poor if they have the means. In the case they are unable to, Allah does not burden them. Many people hold the view that you can feed the poor to equate for fasting. But this is only for people with special needs.

In all religious commands, the rewards and benefits come to us. Likewise, Ramadan renews our faith in Allah and strengthens us our bodies. It also brings unity amongst us as Muslims. It fosters a sense of community, through iftar parties, charities and humanitarian activities. 

Unfortunately, Ramadan will be different this year.

Allah has tested us with a global pandemic which has forced us to stay home. This may influence the Ramadan experience for most of us. However, it is important to adhere to the prophetic saying, “When a Pandemic breaks out, Do not leave where you are and do not visit an infected area”. Hence, staying in your home is sunnah and Allah will reward you for it.

Ramadan Mubarak to you all.

Author: Fatima Zahra Shardow

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